The creation of a "whole-cell" model that explicitly encodes all of the known information about each gene and molecule into account to predict cell behaviors was called the "ultimate goal of systems biology", and "a grand challenge for the 21st century."  Our lab reported the first such model in 2012, an achievement that was reported by the New York Times and  Scientific American, and was recently listed by the journal Cell as one of the most important publications in its 40-year history.



Our lab has been excited about live-cell imaging of immune signaling for many years.  Most recently, we have developed a new class of live-cell kinase reporter which is in use around the world, a game-changing method to analyze microscopy images using deep learning, and a technique which enables us to trace cellular behavior from the initial stimulus, through the signaling pathways, down to genome-wide changes in gene expression, all inside of the same single cell.


BioE 101/210

Systems Biology


BioE 300B

Engineering Concepts Applied to Medicine and Physiology

BioE 32Q

Bon Appetit, Marie Curie! 

The Science of Haute Cuisine


We're a scrappy bunch of scientists who like to do cutting-edge research with the latest technology (often home-made)!  Our primary biological focus is in host-pathogen interactions, most particularly in terms of the innate immune system, and our technological foci are whole-cell modeling and live-cell imaging, as shown above.  We're always looking for top talent - if you're a budding, intellectually ambidextrous scientist with a creative streak and an aptitude for team play, this could be the place for you!





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